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Body Treatments

Body Salt Crystal Exfoliation

Removes dead skin cells and increases the efficiency of skin care products, providing smooth skin. Excellent choice for dry skin.

Duration Cost
50 min $ 70.00

Firming and Contouring Treatment

This treatment has a guaranteed effect for all ages. It firms and defines concern areas by blocking the production of enzymes that promote fat accumulation. Six sessions are recommended for best results.

Duration Cost
60 min $ 100.00
Six Sessions Pack$ 500.00

Detoxifying Treatment (Mud Treatment)

Promotes the absorption of the marine active ingredients and reshapes the figure by encouraging the elimination of body fat.

Duration Cost
60 min $ 80.00

Relaxation Treatment

A light pressure massage that provides a deep relaxation and removes toxins from the body while increasing circulation.

Duration Cost
60 min $ 80.00
80 min$ 130.00

Hydrating And Remineralizing Treatment

This treatment is recommended to revitalize the skin after harsh weather conditions. It helps firm and vitalize the first layer.

Duration Cost
50 min $ 55.00

Sun Radiance Tanning Treatment

Provides a professional, even and lasting tan. Your skin will look sun-kissed and radiant. Treatment includes a body exfoliation.

Duration Cost
65 min $ 95.00

Stone Massage Treatment

A Stone Massage is treatment that utilizes hot stones in key pressure points. This allows the muscles to relax and alleviates joint pain. Strongly recommended for people who have arthritis.

Duration Cost
60 min $ 90.00
80 min$ 140.00

Scalp Therapy Treatment

Eliminate tension by apply pressure to specific pressure points located on the scalp.

Duration Cost
15 min $ 20.00

Reflexothermal Treatment

Improves skin elasticity and absorbs toxins while reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Duration Cost
60 min $ 95.00

Hand Microdermabrasion

Duration Cost
15 min $ 20.00

Elbow Microdermabrasion

Duration Cost
15 min $ 20.00

Ankle Microdermabrasion

Duration Cost
15 min $ 20.00

Back Microdermabrasion

Duration Cost
30 min $ 70.00

Foot Massage

A foot massage reduces stress, revitalizes and balance energy, and creates an overall sense of well-being.

Duration Cost
30 min $ 30.00

Body Peel

Spa treatment that bridges the gap between traditional cosmetics and esthetic medicine with extreme results yet optimum skin tolerance.

Duration Cost
60 min $ 160.00

Detoxify Self Heating Mud

The combination of medical expertise with the gentle touch of spa care. A treatment directly inspired by esthetic surgery.

Duration Cost
60 min $ 105.00

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